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Discover the expertise of MedWaves and explore how our regional centre supports the implementation of strategic programming, supporting all to continue the journey towards planetary transformation.

Sustainable Events

MedWaves supports the transformation needed to address the global challenges facing the Mediterranean region. Over the last decade, the centre has established a successful hub of expertise to serve all stakeholders, recognising that each actor is critical in the collective movement towards sustainability. Maintaining a focus on promoting and enhancing eco-innovative sustainable business models, MedWaves establishes an enabling environment for green, circular, zero-waste, low-carbon, and non-toxic economies to grow and flourish.

Stimulating and sustaining a transition to green and circular economies requires multi-stakeholder engagement. Individuals engaged in policy, business, finance and civil society all have a crucial role to play. MedWaves navigates opportunities and works with a strong sensibility that when we act together, we change together. The centre supports meaningful engagement among stakeholders, raising awareness from producer to consumer of shared challenges and shared solutions.

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