Dialogue and networking


MedWaves establishes a dialogue between all the key stakeholders involved in the transition to sustainable development throughout the Mediterranean region.

Sustainable Events

When we act together, we change together. While it is well-known that collaboration is an important cornerstone for our collective sustainable future, the actual communication skills required to engage effectively are less understood. MedWaves is committed to supporting the diverse range of stakeholders who can participate and benefit from the transition to sustainable development by offering direct support in how to dialogue and network.

MedWaves works as a central hub to converge synergies throughout the Mediterranean, strengthening the collective movement for planetary transformation. Together, we can achieve a healthier and more sustainable future. MedWaves stimulates a wave of change by bringing together not only the right people at the right time, but also the right information. For example, MedWaves gathers scientific knowledge that is needed to leverage change, along with successful experiences utilising such knowledge. Through close collaboration with experts and members of academia that partner in projects, MedWaves helps to deliver information that is usable by all stakeholders. This information is shared through publications, suggested policy guidelines, best practice factsheets, and regional baseline assessments.

MedWaves organises events, conference, webinars, and trainings for relevant stakeholders and beneficiaries to access data, as well as continue the exchange of best practices and the transfer of knowledge. In addition, digital platforms help maintain ongoing channels of communication. These open access spaces engage a large community of users who are able to connect with MedWaves, as well as one another.

MedWaves supports community. Empowering individuals to come together and share vision and values is an important way we continue to learn from one another. MedWaves has delivered support to key stakeholders in the sustainable business ecosystem for nearly a decade. These individuals have become the Switchers community, stimulating a wave of green entrepreneurs and changemakers in the Mediterranean region.

Over 300 green and circular businesses are part of the Switchers community, implementing eco-innovative solutions and contributing to sustainable solutions to environmental, social and economic challenges in the region. MedWaves celebrates these changemakers by sharing their stories through the platform www.theswitchers.eu. In our journey towards a more sustainable Mediterranean, it is essential to give voice and echo the messages of those who actively contribute to the transition.

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