MedWaves supports the transformation needed to address the global challenges facing the Mediterranean region. Over the last decade, the Centre has established a successful hub of expertise to serve all stakeholders, recognising that each actor is critical in the collective movement towards sustainability. Maintaining a focus on promoting and enhancing eco-innovative sustainable business models, MedWaves establishes an enabling environment for green, circular, zero-waste, low-carbon, and non-toxic economies to grow and flourish.

Discover the expertise of MedWaves and explore how our Regional Activity Centre supports the implementation of strategic programming, supporting all to continue the journey towards planetary transformation.


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    Circular Economy and SCP

    MedWaves ensures and enhances sustainable business models in the Mediterranean region by supporting a transformation towards circular economies and sustainable consumption and production (SCP).

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    Sustainable Blue Economy

    MedWaves supports a sustainable blue economy in the Mediterranean by engaging sectors including coastal tourism, port activity, maritime transport, fisheries and industry.

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    Marine Litter & Plastics

    The intense challenges in the Mediterranean posed by plastic pollution have inspired the MedWaves focus on marine litter solutions.

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    Toxic Chemicals

    MedWaves is a Regional Activity Centre for the Stockholm Convention, supporting the collective effort to overcome threats of hazardous chemicals to human and environmental health.

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What we do

Conducive policy framework

MedWaves helps policy makers in the Mediterranean region to stimulate and maintain environments that favor the establishment of green, circular, zero waste, low carbon and non-toxic economies.

Eco Innovation & Sustainable Businesses Models

MedWaves supports and empowers stakeholders to take the pathway towards a sustainable future, grounded in eco-innovation and sustainable business models.

Dialogue and networking

MedWaves establishes a dialogue between all the key stakeholders involved in the transition to sustainable development throughout the Mediterranean region.

Sustainable Finance

MedWaves provides and facilitates direct funding and business support services to existing and future green, circular and social entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean Region.

Sustainable Consumption

MedWaves supports consumers and SMEs to understand and integrate environmental issues in their decisions on green products purchase, raising awareness, providing knowledge and boosting sustainable consumption practices.