RESET - RESults Enabling Transitions


We celebrate success, using what works to continue to grow. RESults Enabling Transitions (RESET) is a project that identifies and analyses successful practices to optimise green business creation at project, local, national, and regional level across the Mediterranean.

Capitalization project

Can a sustainable and inclusive economy truly work for everyone? Yes! 

Our successes hold the seeds for our continued growth.

RESults Enabling Transitions (RESET) is a project dedicated to ensure that we all know how to engage in a sustainable and inclusive economy. Targeting seven Mediterranean countries, RESET creates an enabling ecosystem that engages EU projects, local initiatives and policies to national and regional policies and regulations, focusing on women and youth. 

Through mapping activities, RESET synthesises the achievements of sustainable, green and circular businesses in the Mediterranean region to stimulate replication and inspire effective policy making. By focusing on what is working, we are able to transform knowledge into much needed training, advice, networking services, access to funding and markets, and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection. Ensuring that local, national and regional stakeholders are able to use this knowledge to create sustainable strategies, policies and regulations to stimulate the green economy is how we RESET. 

At the micro level, support for eco-entrepreneurs is developed with capacity building activities in EU projects and local initiatives in target countries. At the meso level, the aim is focused on strategies to improve governance of green businesses through enabling policy frameworks. The macro level bridges these actionable strategies to inform Regional Policy Guidelines of the Barcelona Convention Barcelona for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea Against Pollution.

To reach our goals, RESET aims to:

  • Produce an innovative database management system that draws on research to identify needs and resources;
  • Build capacity for EU project stakeholders through local and national capitalisation ‘clinics’ with an ongoing knowledge hub;
  • Publish guidance for green business development strategies at the regional level;
  • Make available online and face-to-face trainings to capitalise from on-the-ground successful practices;
  • Host a virtual Community of Practice to gather relevant stakeholders for peer to peer learning opportunities; and
  • Award € 54000 to celebrate RESET stakeholders by highlighting the importance of capitalisation of EU projects.


MedWaves is the lead coordinator and implementer of RESET.

MedWaves developed a Set of Regional Measures to Support the Development of Green and Circular Businesses and to Strengthen the Demand for more Sustainable Products in the Mediterranean. These measures will be matched with the results of the RESET capitalisation process to identify and suggest effective policies adapted to the national contexts. RESET will build on previous scaling-up roadmaps developed under the initiative SwitchMed to support the development of actionable strategies based on capitalisation.

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