Declaration of Frioul: Mediterranean islands free from plastic pollution

Wednesday 30 November 2022

The BeMed-Islands capitalisation process has ended its first phase with a joint statement expressing the members’ willingness to continue collaborating. A total of 26 organisations across the Mediterranean have endorsed the Declaration of Frioul for Mediterranean islands free from plastic pollution.

Frioul is a small archipelago off the coast of Marseille, which hosted a final capitalisation session at the  event “Solutions for waste-free islands in the Mediterranean”. Some of the BeMed supported projects had the chance to share their experience.  A restricted meeting allowed the BeMed-Islands Community to reflect on the way forward, which was crystallized in the Declaration. The text pinpoints specific areas where the organisations are committed to keep active, such as replicating their activities in other areas or advocating towards policy makers. The declaration gathers 26 organisations across the Mediterranean.

This event was also the opportunity to present “Hope for the future: successful solutions for plastic pollution in the Mediterranean islands by the BeMed-Islands Community”, a source of inspiration with best practices by the BeMed-Islands community.

Despite the capitalisation process coming to an end, this is definitely not a farewell. Through the two years of collaboration, MedWaves and SMILO have conducted the capitalisation process resulting in a dynamic community eager to make a change in the topic of plastic pollution. The challenge is still there, and upcoming opportunities will allow members of the community to continue the joint work. 

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