SwitchMed (2nd phase)


The EU-funded SwitchMed programme promotes a circular economy in the southern Mediterranean by changing the way goods and services are produced and consumed. In order to achieve this, SwitchMed provides tools and services directly to the private sector, supports an enabling policy environment and facilitates exchange of information among partners and key stakeholders.

Circular economy

The challenges of today’s world demand change. We can no longer produce and consume in a manner that negatively impacts the earth and people. The southern Mediterranean region suffers severely from climate change and pollution, causing negative impacts to natural resources, such as water, and human health. As urbanisation trends are expected to double by 2050, these challenges will worsen; increased populations with increasing demands produce increased wastes. 


The SwitchMed programme recognises our shared challenges and chooses a new path; supporting the transition to a sustainable and circular economy. Our human ingenuity and collaboration can create incredible results! We can switch from a linear economy to one of sustainability. 

Launched in 2013, SwitchMed promotes sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns in the southern Mediterranean. Green entrepreneurs, green businesses and the promotion of eco-innovation, as acknowledged by the countries of the Barcelona Convention, are the key drivers for the green and blue economy in the Mediterranean region. The promotion of green business models, as well as eco-innovation is one of the Strategic Objectives of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (Strategic Objectives 5.1 and 5.4). Additionally, the Sustainable Consumption and Production Regional Action Plan for the Mediterranean calls for the creation of business models integrating a SCP approach in all areas, and for green businesses and jobs in the goods manufacturing and services sector in particular.   

SwitchMed grounds these mandates in eight countries in the southern Mediterranean: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia. Programming targets policy development, demonstration activities and networking opportunities. 

When we bring together innovative entrepreneurs in the region, we incubate great ideas into great successes. SwitchMed focuses on empowering stakeholders to connect and scale their eco- and social innovations. In addition, the programme engages policy makers. Together, we are changing the way goods and services are consumed and produced, decoupling human development from environmental degradation. This path creates jobs, protects natural resources and contributes to economic stability. 

People have the power to change! The current Phase II targets the expansion of green businesses activities in the region, enhanced competitiveness of the private sector through the adoption of resource efficiency production strategies, and a more cohesive and enabling policy environment for a green and circular economy in the southern Mediterranean countries. Drawing on the results and lessons learned from Phase I, the priority areas are:

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