JUST2CE, a just transition to circular economy


JUST2CE promotes a global transition to a circular economy by supporting a more democratic and participatory mechanism of governance over the productive processes that underpin design and management of technologies.

Circular economy

A system that values its potential is best equipped to incubate success.

In the growing global demand for change, it is crucial to acknowledge that the need for a circular economy requires more than technology, artifacts and services. Creating and sustaining businesses that do not harm people or the planet demands justice. A truly successful circular economy is fair with inclusive leadership, supported with effective policies that support sustainable design and technology for all

JUST2CE seeks to understand, in a critical and thoughtful way, the specific conditions responsible for creating an inclusive and socially just transition to a circular economy. Rather than removing business from key technical, geopolitical and social factors; our work addresses these elements squarely as the foundation to develop transitional policy measures that inspire change.

Diversity seeds creativity. The JUST2CE approach to implement an effective circular economy recognises and values diversity. The ability clearly map diversity opens the window to identify clearly specific enablers and barriers that exist within the key sectors: food production and waste; water management; and raw materials and production (selected among those indicated by the EU Action Plan for Circular Economy). This data is used to provide analysis that informs decision making as well as macroeconomic analytical tools to design new or improve existing circular economy practices. ​

JUST2CE is for us, all of us: scholars, practitioners, policy makers, business and civil society organisations. Our qualitative and quantitative assessment of circular economy practices gathered are targeted to improve policy that actually nurtures the change we need: designing a sustainable circular economy. The JUST2CE website features our open sourced software platform.

To reach our goals, JUST2CE aims to produce: 

  • A rigorous and comprehensive overview and analysis of current circular economy initiatives developed through a global map of existing initiatives, considering the enablers and barriers;
  • A framework of analysis and a protocol for fieldwork for ten new case studies from EU member states and African countries;
  • Policy briefs and information for scholars, practitioners and policy makers about deliberative methods to imagine a transition to circular economy; and
  • An Integrated Decision Support System (DSS) for responsible circular economy practices: an editable decision making roadmap to address appropriate directions, interfaces, goal and scope, integration and selection procedures.


MedWaves’s role: 


When we act together, we change together.

MedWaves: converging synergies for planetary transformation. 

MedWaves leads communications for JUST2CE, ensuring that the just transition is understood, integrated and upheld by citizens, along with public and private stakeholders. In one of our first projects that is part of the international consortium, MedWaves leverages our regional experience and expertise to support and sustain the global movement. The support for the multi-layered and interdisciplinary project is being carried out by increasing the outreach and facilitating engagement with key stakeholders.

MedWaves activities aim to:

  • Fully exploit and use project outputs are in the most effective manner;
  • Make available knowledge and information generated by the projects is to all interested organisations;
  • Reuse and replicate elements of excellence of the project in other projects as important reference points in order to trigger further developments;
  • Engage decision makers effectively to be able to contribute to improving future policies; and
  • Clearly articulate and share Benefits for society.

MedWaves is leading the case study in Morocco: Recycling Systems in Morocco: SERP Recyclage. This case focuses on the activities of the Casablanca-based private waste management company as it operates as an outsourcing company, offering waste collection and sorting resources to municipalities and major companies all over Morocco.

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